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How to add arabic text on photos using iPhone

This question can come across your mind many times, while you want to share a simple photo with some arabic caption on it. There's no built-in app there on iPhone OS that can add arabic text to photos. Add arabic to photos Well we've made a nice app that can let you do that in seconds with few taps. Here's how you can add text to photos using iPhone. Download the app. Select and open your photos in editor. Select the 'Add Text' option from bottom toolbar. Enter your text. Change font, color, stroke, border, and many customization. Save your photo. Where to download?  Imagitor is a great tool to add text to your photos. Be more creative and let your imagination design your next facebook post, business card, event flyer, motivational quote, fan poster or political review using Imagitor. See Screenshots. Add Arabic to Photos Choose arabic fonts.