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What is the future of AirPod?

Apple AirPods with Case Apple introduced AirPod after killing the century old headphone jack. This is really a bold move by apple by repeating their courageous tradition of removing what doesn't make their products great. It stirred up internet anger and also raised some eyebrows. Large number people are angry, but few are quite impressed by the technology and its future with apple. Lets read from a Quora user  Jeffrey Kantor  in his insightful answer there at Quora [ Link ]: It may seem like just another bluetooth ear bud, but look again at the technologies embedded in the AirPod. It senses when it’s in your ear, uses accelerometers to detect motion. With a tap the beam-forming microphone accepts input to the Siri assistant which, like the Amazon Echo, is rapidly becoming a primary user interface to the internet. AirPods sync across all your Apple devices via iCloud placing the AirPod as a peer to the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. It’s an iPhone in your ear. Inste