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Doodle: Organized vs Unorganized desktops

Hello! Here's another doodle. It categorizes the people based on how they keep their desktop and folders organized. and there are others who love to keep their desktop like chaotic mess.  Both have their own arguments to defend the situation. Check it out: I, being a computer user keep the desktop and every folder on files system clean and organized, ie this let me find anything within few clicks and doesn't require me to remember everything, like where did I put the timeline of particular project. Let us know in the comments how you prefer your desktop organization.

Doodle: popular types of pointer tracking: Mouse vs Trackpad

Hey guys, Here's our first doodle entry. There're many types of pointer tracking available on modern personal computer operating systems, like mouse, trackball, trackpad or touchpad, track point, joystick, graphic tablet, stylus etc. Two of them are very popular. 1. Mouse 2. Trackpad or Touchpad Mouse being the most traditional and conventional pointing device is very popular among computer users, but the advancements of laptops and notebooks the trackpad has been becoming more popular and giving the users more independence and portability. User can switch between these any time by pressing the keyboard functional keys. The people who're used to any of these find themselves more comfortable using their desired device and sometimes the opposite device can be very frustrating. We've categories these two types of people in our today doodle, check it out and let us know what do you use typically and are more comfortable with. There're two types of people.