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MacBook 2015 for programmers?

There's so much to love about the new all-metal MacBook released in March 2015. Its the redesigned version of late 2009 MacBook, which was silently discontinued by introducing the Macbook Air. The new Macbook targets all the educational and consumer markets. It has many cool features as follow: All metal: Its the first ever macbook to come with all metal. So aren't the existing all-metal? no, they're not, the  hinge mechanism  has  some  plastic in it, as well as a plastic cover. Retina: It has stunning 12-inch retina display. Colors:  yesss, we love them, the first ever MacBook to come in three colors, Silver, Gold, Space Grey. Better Stereo Speaker: Unlike Macbook Air that has speaker hidden in vents near the hinge, the speakers in MacBook are above the keyboard, which throws music right at you. USB-C port: basically a new all in one port for charging, video sharing and data transfer. Others: Full size keyboard, New trackpad. Now the questions come